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All services at denny hairdressing

we think that we have some of the best hair stylists with some of best value prices in town.

if you don't believe us, just tap a heading below to find out!

  • Denny
    Denny — Senior Salon Stylist and Team Leader
    Cutting and Styling
    ladies’ cut and finish £45
    men’s cut and finish £30

    Denny is available Wednesday to Saturday

    Please ask for Denny by name

  • Salon team
    Sherell, Louise and Michael — denny creative team Top Stylist
    Ladies’ Cutting and styling
    ladies cutting and styling cut and finish £40
    under 12s cut and finish £20
    blow-dry and finish £20
    blow-dry and finish long £23
    blow-dry wavy to straight £27
    curly blow dry £28

    Sherell is available Tuesday to Saturday

    Please ask for Sherell by name

  • Hair Colouring
    denny creative team
    Hair Colouring — excludes cut and finish
    half head highlights £60
    full head highlights £74
    T-bar (hairline and parting) highlights £35
    read more about T-bar and nape highlights
    cap highlights — excludes cut and finish
    short to mid-length £45
    shoulder length £60

    Highlights and Lowlights are available Tuesday to Saturday

    Please ask for the Creative Team

  • Tinting and Bleaching
    denny creative team
    tinting and bleaching — excluding cut and finish
    bleaching roots — per application £25
    full head bleach, from… £40
    tinting — excludes cut and finish
    tinting — full head £28

    Tinting and Bleaching are available Tuesday to Saturday

    Please ask for the member of the Creative Team

  • ‘Brazilian’ Keratin Smoothing Treatment
    denny creative team
    ‘brazilian’ keratin treatment and blow dry
    ‘brazilian’ keratin — up to shoulder length £155
    ‘brazilian’ keratin — just over shoulder length £175
    ‘brazilian’ keratin — longer hair £195

    ‘Brazilian’ services are available Tuesday to Saturday

    Please ask for the member of the Creative Team

  • Japanese straightening
    denny creative team
    japanese hair straightening, including cut and finish
    japanese hair straightening — full head £280
    japanese hair straightening — fringe only £85
    please note that we require a booking deposit of £80 for any japanese hair straightening
    and, hey, all you beautiful straight-haired girls who don’t bleach your hair and who have always wanted a little bouncy waviness to your hair — we have something amazing for you: the Japanese perm…
    japanese perming — excludes cut and finish
    shoulder length £75
    below shoulder £90
    don't forget that you can always pop in for a free consultation without obligation

    Japanese hair straightening is available Tuesday to Saturday

    Please ask for the member of the Creative Team

  • Other services
    denny creative team — other services
    traditional hair straightening — excludes cut and finish
    traditional hair straightening — partial = fringe £30
    traditional hair straightening — short to mid-length £65
    specialist services — excludes cut and finish
    fringe trim — FREE to regular clients! £9
    multiplex intense treatment — restore your hair’s moisture and softness £5
    infusion treatment — restore your hair’s lost shine £5
    braiding — from £10
    hair up — from £20

    Denny Hairdressing Creative Team services are available Tuesday to Saturday

    Please ask for the member of the Creative Team

  • Linda
    linda – independent hairdresser
    Cutting and Styling
    ladies' cut and finish £39
    under 12s £17
    blow dry and finish £18
    blow dry wavy to straight £21
    cap highlights — excludes cut and finish
    short £35
    long £40
    hair painting and flashing — excludes cut and finish
    short £20
    long £20
    semi-permanent colour — excludes cut and finish
    short £20
    long £25
    perming — excludes cut and finish
    short or medium £40
    long, from £50
    spiral perm, from £55

    Linda is available Thursday to Saturday

    Please ask for Linda by name

  • Wendi
    wendi — independent hairdresser
    cutting and styling — gents
    gents — cut and finish £23
    gents — highlights or lowlights £35
    cutting and styling — ladies
    ladies — cut and finish £35
    ladies — cut and finish long £40
    ladies — blow dry, from £25
    treatments by wendi
    treatment — hair and scalp £10
    treatment — hair conditioning mask + massage £15
    hair colouring by wendi — excludes cut and finish
    woven highlights — half head £38
    woven highlights — half head long hair £48
    full highlights £48
    full highlights — full head long hair £65
    individual foils, from £5
    full head permanent colour tint £45
    full head permanent colour tint long hair £50
    re-growth permanent colour tint £33
    semi-permanent colour tint — from £25

    Wendi is available Thursday to Saturday

    Please ask for Wendi by name

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Free cut and style consultation at Denny Hairdressing

Our experienced salon team of fashion hair stylists are happy to give you a free cut and style consultation.

We can advise you on the suitability of 'Brazilian' Keratin Smoothing Treatments, Japanese Straightening and OLAPLAX treatment.

we can colour your hair with tinting, high-lights, low-lights, subtle colours or crazy colours — just pop in for a chat or give us a ring on 0161 834 3123

Your friendly fashion hair salon
in the heart of manchester