Japanese Straightening
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YOU SAVE £100!

The creative team at denny hairdressing manchester are experts at Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

So, what can Japanese Straightening do for your hair?

  • What are the expected results of Japanese Hair Straightening?

    After Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment, you can expect to have shinier, straighter hair — for about six months!

  • Is Japanese Straightening bad for my hair?

    Our experienced stylists, Sherell and Maxine, will be able to tell you if your hair is a good candidate for Japanese Hair Straightening.

    If your hair has been lightened, or if you have had other chemical treatments, you can risk damage to your hair.

    And please note that Japanese Hair Straightening is not suitable for coloured, highlighted or bleached hair.

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Don't forget…

You should be aware that Japanese hair straightening is a long and specialist process and it could take four hours or more depending on the length of your hair.

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In comparison to other treatments that are used for hair straightening, Japanese Hair Straightening really stands out in the conventional hair straightening product market.